Walk the wild food trail & start foraging today

Discover the joy of finding, harvesting and cooking with wild food with the very best each month has to offer. You will learn what to look for, where to look, and what to do with it in the kitchen.

You will have videos, photo galleries, recipes and more at your fingertips, all taught by experienced foragers. Discover 6 delicious wild foods of Spring!

Start your journey to becoming a confident wild food forager today.

Want More Than Just a Taste of Wild Food?

This is simply the free taster version of this course. If you want to take your foraging game to the next level then check out our full version of the course, with over 70 wild edible species and recipes for every month of the year.

Just follow the link below to find out more.

Praise For This Course

"The course is so engaging and fun, I've learnt so much. Really awesome and would certainly recommend."
Claire Roumph

"The course brings me so much joy and fascination. Can't thank you enough."
Kate Fox

"It has been fascinating to learn about how different plants and fungi have properties that can improve and enhance health.... they have opened my eyes to the possibilities."
Lesley Stevens
james and lea kendall - foraging online course

Hi! We're Lea and James Kendall from Woodland Classroom.

We reconnect people with nature through workshops in North Wales and online including bushcraft, foraging, tree ID, woodland wellbeing and forest school.

We created this course because so many people, like you, have a real interest in foraging but don't know where to start. Maybe you're scared that your first taste of a wild mushroom might also be your last? You're not alone, we've been there ourselves.

With Your Wild Food Year we've made this huge subject accessible and digestible for the beginner, with everything broken down into the 12 calendar months. You'll take a year round journey with us to becoming a confident forager.

We really look forward to sharing our knowledge, experience and passion with you.

This course is FREE to join. You've got nothing to lose.

lea kendall - online foraging course
Discover The Best Wild Food

In this free taster course, our students are already learning a range of wild edibles which can be found right through Spring.

Watch Video Tutorials

You'll get a guided foraging walk video plus our video guide series aimed at giving you real confidence to get outdoors and start harvesting wild foods.

Cook Up A Storm

Become a wild food masterchef with 9 tried & tested recipes to inspire you. Learn to make nutritious, fresh and delicious meals using foraged ingredients.


How long is the course?

You have lifetime access to this free taster course. You can watch the video lectures at your own pace during this time, coupling this with making time to get outdoors and practise your new skills.

Do I get all 12 months of wild food right away ?

No, this free taster only contains a snippet of the full course. Here you will get our top wild foods and recipes for the month of March, It's a great month to start your foraging journey.

Do the recipes cater for vegetarians & vegans?

Yes. Plenty of recipes are already meat-free and although some recipes do include meat, we always suggest a veggie/vegan alternative where possible. Many of the recipes are for accompaniments to meals which you can adapt as you like. We don't include any wild game.

How can I find out about the full size course?

If you want to get access to the full 12 months of wild food with over 70 wild edibles and a whole host of recipes as well as much, much more. You need to follow this link: https://woodlandclassroom.lpages.co/your-wild-food-year/

year round wild edibles you can forage