When you step into the Woodland Classroom you will “Explore Nature, Discover Self and Build Community.”

Reconnecting people of all ages with nature through bushcraft, outdoor learning, forest school, nature therapy and wellbeing in the woods.

Through teaching thousands of students Woodland Classroom have built a reputation for quality outdoor training, which has now been brought to this online school.

Hi, I’m James Kendall.

I'm the Head Bushcraft Instructor at Woodland Classroom and I've been teaching in the outdoors for 10 years now.

I am the Head Bushcraft Instructor at Woodland Classroom. I have been teaching in environmental education & conservation for over 10 years now. I received the Bushcraft Competency Certificate awarded through the Institute for Outdoor Learning after 2 years of teaching experience and practical study. Before setting up Woodland Classroom Ltd I was the Project Manager for Long Wood Community Woodland, the largest community-owned woodland in Wales, overseeing the management of 300 acres of broadleaf and conifer forest. I am also a former Director of Llais y Goedwig, the voice of community woodlands in Wales.

My approach to teaching has always been with an emphasis on steering my students toward fostering a deeper connection with nature through understanding the landscape around us.

I have always had an affinity with woods, being most at home amongst the trees, and I hope to share my passion for trees with you through these online courses.

"James' passion for trees shines through and the level of observation and detailed knowledge make these videos a valuable tool for anyone wishing to build on their understanding of our precious countryside."

- Dave Watson, Woodland Survival Crafts.